Big Data Analytics

Business leaders use data analytics to make their day to day business decisions and strategising for the long-term. Our data scientists and data analysts help our clients to understand and comprehend the vast tracts of data within the company by devising new monetization strategies and strengthening the revenue streams.

We help enterprises seamlessly adopt big data frameworks integrating customer’s existing database systems and provide the required business analytics in real-time to identify revenue or breaches. This ensures that our clients business outcome is measured, analyzed and improved.

In partnership with Elastic and we provide technical guidance for customers to implement big data solutions to visualize revenue or breaches.

Business Consultancy

We provide consultancy specially tailored to our clients for developing their digital strategy, design, technology and industrial knowledge requirement for providing solutions and service with a customer-centric approach.

Our team including business strategists, tech industry experts, digital marketers and designers, focusing on giving our clients a better insight to target their audience and more robust customer engagement strategy. 

We focus on customer experience and employee experience in all the consultancy work we undertake, which has human-centered design principles and design thinking at the core of the business process.

We help to develop and implement effective strategies in digital marketing, application development, Cyber Security, Network Designing, Implement CI/CD Pipelines or integrations as well as advise on experience improvements

Innovation Driven Businesses

The growing digital technologies worldwide offers an umpteen choices for businesses and business leaders for accelerating the growth, while bringing comprehensive operational efficiency has become a core element of many of the business.

We work with businesses, government and organisations to achieve various layers of productivity improvement and enhancing their customer experiences using business automation, market – lead generation, revenue generation, agile business solutions, machine learning and using artificial intelligence to empower the clients business transformation.

We offer a wide range of expertise from Strategic Automation Consulting, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Process Automation, Intelligent information technology Operations and Application Services Automation to our clients.

Cyber Security

In the evolving global economy, cyber attacks are growing more frequently with much more sophistication and damaging businesses both in public and in the private sector. As businesses embrace new technologies, the Malicious and criminal users target various exploits and identify vulnerability and attack organisations and individuals.

Our cyber security consultancy service provides business and technical consulting, which covers management, compliance requirements, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis, Cyber Security Incident Handling & Response, Threat Hunting and Pentesting.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified, trained and motivated cyber security experts who focus on securing our clients valuable information, technology and networks from the increasing threats that they may face.