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We are passionate and always produce the best solutions.

OXIQA is an agile software development and a cyber security solutions provider based in Maldives providing a wide array of productivity tools and technical guidance enabling the digital transformation of our clients.
With a decade of expertise and experience in software architecture designing and implementation, we work with our clients through supporting their digital journey. As a company, who believes in learning and evolving, we work towards improving and building an innovative ecosystem that would be providing enterprise solutions to the clients.

Our Values




OXIQA core values are derived from two words, which has formed the basis of the company.

OX, the animal that can pull heavier loads, last longer and is steadier than any other domesticated animals. The quality needed for any technological solutions to sustain itself in the market and get customer retention.

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge & skills. This factors into the growing need for business Intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning to be embedded into any solution or service provided for clients for market penetration and business sustainability.

Automation and AI redefines our products and services, by helping businesses to solve issues across from simple business operation process to highly sophisticated products customised for specific needs.

Our Approach

We work towards empowering our clients with agile solutions using artificial and business intelligence and provide unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight to our clients. We are constantly evolving and learning to deliver innovative solutions to our clients through evidence based decision making process using big data analytics for optimal cost efficiency.

We ensure that the products we make, the actions we undertake are as challenging as it can be, so that our solutions and services would be improved, efficient, effective, evolved and optimised to the needs of our clients. Every partnership that we built is around creating a space for clients, customers and society to benefit and deliver better results.


At OXIQA, our people are at the core of our business and our success. With the contributions, energy, and vision of our colleagues we continue to build our future and to be highly competitive in th industry. Therefore, we have an ongoing interest in continuing to improve our work environment and to be surrounded by engaged employees who lead our company through a high-performance and sustainable culture.

We are always looking for talented people, So lets work together.

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