Cyber Security

Our cyber security consultancy service provides business and technical consulting, which covers management, compliance requirements, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis, Cyber Security Incident Handling & Response, Threat Hunting and Pentesting.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified, trained and motivated cyber security experts who focus on securing our clients valuable information, technology and networks from the increasing threats that they may face.

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Penetration Testing & Security Assessments

Penetration testing is conducted to verify the security posture of a targeted asset. Oxiqa performs various types of security assessments such as internal/external infrastructure testing, application security reviews including web, mobile or client-server products. We have delivered hundreds of penetration tests for business and government entities worldwide.

We perform a broad scope of technical audits related to cybersecurity – security testing, vulnerability assessment, vulnerability scans, configuration audits and source code reviews. Security audits of IT systems are done to confirm, that the infrastructure deployed in the organization fulfils security requirements and does not contain security vulnerabilities compromising the confidentiality, integrity or availability.

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Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Digital Forensics and Incident Response is covering topics such as collecting and securing digital evidence, performing analysis after breaches and recovering deleted data. We offer expert services in computer forensics especially related to cybersecurity meaning DFIR (Digital Forensics and Incident Response).

Threat hunting means an active search for intruders in the organization infrastructure, sort of proactive digital forensics helping to increase detection capabilities of both inside and outside threats. Our unique approach stands out with the fact that we are not only base our detection on known active crime groups, but focus on a wider perspective which allows us for more effective detection of targeted attacks, which are not detected by common tools and security software.

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Research & Development

We perform targeted security research of: browsers, client-server applications, operating systems and devices. Additionally we develop security software to aid both red team and blue team operations. Mostly we deliver non-standard, tailored solutions for demanding customers.

Our services include targeted security research of: browsers, client-server applications, operating systems and various devices (mobile, IT/OT/IoT).

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Cyber Security Trainings

Engaging and educating contemporary and fate online protection professionals round the area with comprehension and abilities, through industry-fundamental organization programs, assets, preparing, confirmations and occasions.

Close to online protection courses and certificates, there are different projects and drives you can browse that assist you with improving as a network safety proficient, regardless degree of aptitude you have.

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  • Team of security pionieers

    we are a team of cyber analysis pioneers, technology experts and experienced cyber lawyers.

  • Professionally Managed Services

    Quick response and seamless execution to save clients valuable time, data and infrastructure.

  • Universal Grade Tools

    Our team uses the latest tools available in the market along with our global level custom tools.

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