OAuthGen is an identity and access management solution engineered to address the problem at implementing multi-tenancy applications with segregation of customer user management to a single tenant or a primary brand.

OAuthGen is based on OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Framework.

The customer user management is segregated under a single tenant and has user access management of various sub-brands visible under this primary tenant. The sub-brands can have multi-tenant applications with user management limited to “brand units or employees” which is segregated among the multi-tenants or sub brands.

The customer can seamlessly authenticate to various multi-tenant applications of sub brands without the need for having to register to multiple Single-Sign-On providers of various sub brands.

The primary brand gains access to visibility of a simpler audit trial to ensure the security of all the sub-brands.


Pheme is designed with a customer – centric approach, who requires constant attention from their clients. Pheme has been carefully developed as a means to have conversation with the end user customers by the support teams to give a more enriching experience.

Pheme is a communication tool that lets you smartly engage with your customers through email, live chat, VOIP, bots and using your social handles (OMNI Channel) – all from one platform. This solution can also be used as a military grade internal communication tool.


The demand for bulk sms has been on the increase with the growing demand to interact and engage with customers by startups, corporates, institutions and government. 

Message Owl is a Business to Business (B2B) SMS platform which allows businesses to send Bulk SMS Messages to their clients, each user will have access to a backend profile through which they can send & manage SMS Messages, contact list & message credits.


Customers demand for a better personalised engagement and the ability to serve them as per the expectations, will impact the customer retention and conversion for any business. 

Blitz is an enterprise grade Customer Relationship Management and workflow automation suite that would help our clients to manage their customers and company relationships by providing a single centralized platform, which is tailored to all the requirements of the clients for lead generation, customer engagement, getting business insights, analysing the revenue and sales needed for business growth.