A customized online portal is crucial for businesses to effectively engage with their stakeholders. By integrating various tools, systems, and data into a unified platform, businesses can eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Oxiqa takes pride in our ability to deliver innovative and customized web-based solutions that empower our clients to transform their businesses and drive growth. Our team worked closely with our clients to address their specific needs such as enhancing internal communication and streamlining workflows. We have made a tangible impact on our clients’ organizations as our solutions have improved customer experiences and boosted operational efficiency. With our cybersecurity expertise, we can also fortify your portal using multi-layered security protocols, encryption, access controls, and regular updates to safeguard against cyber threats. 


solarelle customized online portal

Solarelle is an innovative internal portal developed for a leading insurance company. We developed this portal to serve as a one-stop solution for employees to streamline operations and enhance employee engagement. The portal offers them access to a wide range of tools and resources including claims processing, customer relationship management, and internal communications. Its advanced analytics feature enables managers to track performance metrics and identify trends, facilitating informed decision-making. Our intuitive design and personalized user experience have led to a significant boost in productivity and collaboration within the company.


mtdc customized online portal

We designed a sophisticated platform to enhance investor relations and corporate transparency. Our secure and interactive solution provides shareholders with immediate access to financial reports, stock performance data, and corporate news updates. It also features a dashboard personalized to individual shareholder profiles. The customized online portal offers insights into dividend history, voting rights, and upcoming shareholder meetings. We created tools for direct communication with the corporate team and options for electronic voting on resolutions. Thus, the portal fosters an informed, and engaged investor community. Our solution highlights the company’s commitment to accountability and shareholder value.