What you get by working with us

Learning Culture

We learn and teach each other all kinds of skills and processes every day. We invest hundreds of hours each month into internal and external education sessions as we believe this is the best way for all of us to advance.


We live to discover the unknown and try out every new technology. Whether it’s for us or for a client project, we thrive when we can combine our experience with a novelty to make a significant difference.


With each project, we get a new perspective and a chance to be creative in overcoming obstacles. Our team has been growing each year, and lead teams with 5 or even more people.

What we need from you

  • Thirst for new knowledge
  • Strive in a dynamic environment
  • Boldly go into unknown waters
  • Desire to make a true impact
  • Question how to do better
  • Passion to pursue further

Learning and creating progress every day is a way of life in our culture at OXIQA


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Work and hang out with friendly and open-minded people.

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