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Why OAuthGen ?

A Universal Authorization & Authentication platform

OAuthGen is an identity and access management solution engineered to address the problem at implementing multi-tenancy applications with segregation of customer user management to a single tenant or a primary brand.

OAuthGen is based on OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Framework.

The customer user management is segregated under a single tenant and has user access management of various sub-brands visible under this primary tenant. The sub-brands can have multi-tenant applications with user management limited to “brand units or employees” which is segregated among the multi-tenants or sub brands.

The customer can seamlessly authenticate to various multi-tenant applications of sub brands without the need for having to register to multiple Single-Sign-On providers of various sub brands.

The primary brand gains access to visibility of a simpler audit trial to ensure the security of all the sub-brands.

Features of OAuthGen

  • Single Sign On Allowing users to simply log in once and use all applications they have been granted access to.
  • Universal Login Authenticate users across all of your applications with your own secure, and standards-based unified login.
  • User Management Helping administrators manage user identities including creating, blocking and deleting users.
  • Ease-of-useAs your company is growing; there maybe newer brands or sub organizations and it could become cumbersome in managing the simplicity of authentication and security as you grow. .
  • Self-hosted White LabelYes, you could have your own parent tenant implementation by running a self-hosted version of OAuthGen.
  • SecurityUnlike other OAuth 2.0 providers, OAuthGen doesn’t allow tenants to delete or change customer passwords or assign permission to customers.

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