Ismail Kaleem

IT Security Consultant with more than 10 years of experience in Information Security, providing a creative and dynamic approach of cost-effective solutions to defend against global cybersecurity challenges. I started my career in 2011 after working for the National Center for Information Technology as an Information Infrastructure Security Developer. During the year2012 – 2014 I was mostly involved in Cyber Security Incident Handling and Response for various critical government organizations (Supreme Court, High Court, Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, etc) which had been hit with organized state-sponsored attacks where malware was embedded to word documents using spearphishing techniques. These hands on experiences have helped me to understand sophisticated attacks, work alongside law enforcement agencies and build necessary countermeasures to prevent the attacks. I had participated in Online Bug Bounty programs during 2012 – 2013 and reported various vulnerabilities in Blackberry, Facebook, Microsoft, and Linkedin, etc. I can also work under pressure while handling Cyber Security Incidents due to my experience in handling such situations in the past. One of them was when I had to design and implement an Intrusion detection and prevention system during the Presidential Elections without bringing any major changes to elections network which helped to identify various insider threats. I have the ability to understand complex architectures from the logical architecture to the underlying virtual infrastructure and pin-point attacker pattern due to my experience in Information Security Incident Handling & Response.