In today’s digital era, meeting user expectations and delivering exceptional user experiences (UX) has become more critical than ever.

At Oxiqa, our team of website developers have collaborated with a wide range of clients to elevate their websites into intuitive and visually appealing experiences for their users. This post highlights some of the UX design projects we have undertaken in the Maldives.

1. Capricer

capricer webpage

We wanted Capricer’s corporate website to stand as a beacon of brand identity and professionalism. With elegance and sophistication in mind, we have created a website that reflects Capricer’s commitment to excellence and innovation. It offers visitors a comprehensive insight into the company through immersive content and interactive features. The website also includes an advanced portfolio gallery, showcasing Capricer’s projects and collaborations. This serves to attract potential clients and partners by highlighting the company’s expertise and success stories.

2. Broadwhite

broadwhite webpage

Our design embodies the company’s innovative spirit and commitment to quality. We provided a UX design that utilizes minimalist design, high-resolution imagery and engaging content to create an immersive experience for visitors. It effectively communicates Broadwhite’s mission, showcases its diverse product range, and highlights its dedication to sustainability and community involvement. We have optimized the website for all devices, ensuring a seamless experience for users on the go. The website also includes interactive contact forms and live chat support, making it easier for clients and partners to connect with the company.

3. Big-Small Storage

big small storage ux design

A vibrant and user-friendly platform was designed to cater to both individual and business storage needs. It stands out with its dynamic space calculator, which helps users determine the ideal storage unit size based on their items, and a straightforward booking system for instant reservations. Our UX design has a clean and navigation-friendly interface showcasing various storage solutions, from personal lockers to large-scale warehousing. We included engaging testimonials and interactive tours to help Big-Small Storage build trust with potential clients, emphasizing their security features, flexible terms, and accessible customer service.

4. Reset with Umana

reset with umana webpage

Reset with Umana offers a sanctuary online for those seeking to rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit. We crafted a website that serves as a portal to wellness, featuring a serene design that echoes the tranquillity of its retreats. Visitors can explore a variety of programs, including mindfulness meditation, yoga workshops, and nutritional guidance, each designed to foster well-being and personal growth. We integrated immersive video content, client testimonials, and detailed facilitator profiles to provide a comprehensive view of the Reset experience. 


maldives com ux design is the ultimate online destination for planning and booking a dream Maldivian getaway. We designed a comprehensive UX solution that combines breathtaking imagery with user-friendly design, inviting visitors to explore the islands’ luxurious resorts, overwater bungalows, and unique experiences. The site’s powerful booking engine offers customized search filters, including by island, resort type, and activity, ensuring a personalized vacation planning experience.

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