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Why Pheme ?

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Pheme is designed with a customer – centric approach, who requires constant attention from their clients. Pheme has been carefully developed as a means to have conversation with the end user customers by the support teams to give a more enriching experience.

Pheme is a communication tool that lets you smartly engage with your customers through email, live chat, VOIP, bots and using your social handles (OMNI Channel) – all from one platform. This solution can also be used as a military grade internal communication tool.

Features of Pheme

  • Email Chat Transcripts Our chat transcripts and offline emails are logged in full.

  • Smart live Chat Chat with any SDK’s or web app and reduce the development effort.

  • Seamless Integrations Pheme has covered you from community plugins to premium integrations.

  • 24X7 SupportIt’s simple to offer customer service 24/7, even if you’re not online, with offline message.

  • Easy Setup ProcessYou’ll be up and running in few quick steps with our easy integration guides, before you finish your cup of coffee!

  • Rich Media SupportOur Rich media support lets you create complex communication that elicit strong user response.

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